Creative Garden Tips

Mirror mirror on the wall- In a small garden a well-placed mirror can create a focal point, and create the illusion of more space. Placing a mirror in your garden will also reflect light and brighten the area. This works great for both indoor and protected outdoor gardens.

Add colour to your path- Coloured glass tile inserts are a great way to brighten up your garden pathways, or spruce up a bland pot or saucer!

Nourish your indoor plants- When you boil an egg the water that is left in the pan is mineral rich. Pour this mineral rich water on your kitchen plants, as it will provide good nutrition.

Mosquito repelling plants that are easy to grow- Mossies can be a pest, especially when trying to enjoy a relaxing evening in your outdoor living area or garden! We have four plants that are easy to grow, and effective at repelling mossies from your garden and home!

  1. Horsemint - this plant confuses mosquitoes by giving off a strong incense odour. Horsemint flowers will also attract butterflies and bees to your garden, and its leaves can be dried and made into herbal tea.
  2. Marigolds - this plant contains a component that is used in insect repellents called Pyrethrum, and the flowers will add a beautiful element to any garden!
  3. Catnip - A natural mosquito repellent, not to mention, your cat’s best friend
  4. Ageratum - mosquitos find the smell that this plant emits particularly offensive.

Keep the weeds away- Sprinkling baking soda twice a year around the edges of your flowerbeds and gardens will help prevent weeds from growing into your beds by neutralising the PH level of the soil. You only need a  light sprinkle onto the soil - every spring and autumn.

Re-purpose old containers into plant pots- Add some funky style and creative flair to your garden by recycling old containers or kitchen containers into plant post. Colanders are excellent to use in any type of garden large or small. The holes provide drainage and decoration. Other objects that can be used around the garden that are practical yet attractive include old plastic baskets, wheelbarrows, gumboots, buckets or vintage tins and containers.

Avoid pesky weeds in flowerbeds & gardens- Placing newspaper (3-4 pieces thick) over the soil before placing wood chips  or bark on top will prevent any weed or grass seeds from germinating. Newspaper is greener and cheaper than fabric and will decompose after about 18 months. When the time comes to plant the garden, unwanted weeds that were present in the soil will be dead. Another advantage of using newspaper is that if you decide to re-design the garden or remove it, you will not have the trouble of having to remove the fabric.