New Gardening Gloves from Garden Trend

Garden Trend is introducing an exciting new range of garden gloves under the “WithGarden” label from the Japanese Company - Towa. The gloves are functional and stylish and offer all that is needed for any work situation. The range comes in different colours and sizes.

The flexible soft touch “WithGarden” gloves have a special coating called microfinish on the palms and fingers. This finish offers the best grip out of all the nonslip technologies available. The structure is made of tiny pocket cups with a high friction co-efficient that give unparalleled grip performance, slip prevention and assist in eliminating hand fatigue.

The gloves are machine washable, not slippery when wet and have a waterproof palm area. The back liner of the gloves is breathable and made of polyester. They fit the hands perfectly, are firm around the wrist and offer maximum comfort.

We carry a range of kids gloves in two sizes 5 / xxs  and  6 / xs which gives a sizing choice for the tiniest of hands. View them here

The Soft n Care Flora Range for delicate sensitive work comes in two sizes 7 / small and 8 / medium View them here

The Landscape Range is suitable for harder work and is available in 8 / medium and 9 / large View them here

The full range of garden gloves can be viewed in our Garden Care Product Category under Kids and Garden Wear.