Mosquito repelling plants that are easy to grow!

Mossies can be a pest, especially when trying to enjoy a relaxing evening in your outdoor living area or garden! Here are four plants that are easy to grow, and effective at repelling mossies from your garden and home!

1.    Horsemint - this plant confuses mosquitoes by giving off a strong incense odour. Horsemint flowers will also attract butterflies and bees to your garden, and its leaves can be dried and made into herbal tea.

2.    Marigolds - this plant contains a component that is used in insect repellents called Pyrethrum, and the flowers will add a beautiful element to any garden!

3.    Catnip - A natural mosquito repellent, not to mention, your cat’s best friend

4.    Ageratum - mosquitoes find the smell that this plant emits particularly offensive.