Keeping Lawn Looking Great In Winter

Winter can be the hardest month to keep the lawn and garden looking its best. Particularly in the southern states and mountain regions, frost is a perennial issue that affects both garden and lawn. Above all else, the stress of a long hot summer can cause such extensive damage that the garden has little time to recover before facing winter.

Of course, proper maintenance during summer is key, but once summer is gone, how do you prepare the lawn to look its best and stay strong for the next summer?

Preparation is key. Ensuring proper aeration of your lawn will reduce compaction, allow air to get to the roots and help improve drainage, thus avoiding root rot. Our range of Lawn Aerator products are the idea tool to do the bulk of the winter preparation. As well as keeping an eye on moisture levels in the soil, a proper fertilising plan and allowing the grass to grow just a little bit longer will ensure that the lawn stays in tip top condition, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.